We hied ourselves off to the farm shop at Farringdon Gurney this lunchtime; we haven't been for a while, and they seem to have transformed themselves into a miniature theme park, with tractor rides and so forth.  Still, we had a reasonable lunch - bagel with scrambled egg and smoked salmon for me, and a very good bacon and sossidge hoagy for Pete.

They have themed the place like Friesian cows (or Gateway Computers), and have probably overdone it just a tad, given that even the loo seats are cowhide patterned.  But their meat is lovely.

We bought:

  • 1.5kg of shin of beef (yum) for making a chilli tomorrow - the beans are already soaking
  • 3 x shoulder of lamb; I'm going to make a tagine with one of them, and the other two can go in the freezer
  • 2 packs of sausages - 1 venison, and 1 intriguingly named "Glastonbury" sausage
  • 10 chicken breasts - I shall cook five of these, and wrap them all individually for the freezer (very handy for quick meals), and the others will go in raw
  • some Gloucester Old Spot bacon
  • 2 *huge* fillets of pork, which I shall chop in two, making four to be individually frozen
  • a punnet of Cheddar strawberries - these are the very best, in my opinion
We also bought some vine cherry tomatoes and some cream, but the vegetables there are eyewateringly expensive, so we left it at that.  I was quite pleased at the bill - £62 which, given everything there is organic, was not bad at all.

On the way home, we called in at The Deli on the A38, for herbs (coriander, basil, parsley), onions, some field mushrooms, and bits and bobs of veg.  And - oh joy - they had some home grown Alpine strawberries ... I see a cheesecake in my future :)

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