if she cooks it they will come!

If she cooks it they will come!

I have a marriage made in heaven, a wife that loves to cook and I love to eat. We grow acres of food crops and preserve 90% of  the food we eat all year long. Our own beef, chickens and turkeys, most any fruit or vegetable that will grow in zone 5, plus wild berries, fungus, and game. When my girl wanted a $4000 stove I went for it, I figure why not, you have to keep the cook happy. This girl needs her own TV show not only does she made her own bread but she grinds her own flour. Root cellar, dehydrator, canning, freezing, smoking, corning, are a few of the ways we save food for the long winter. Now after 36 years on the same homestead and retirement looming the adventure continues as we build our dream home on 100 acres of pure bliss. We are taking this self sufficient lifestyle to the next level by going off the grid via solar, hydroelectric, and our own gas well. On a related subject we also will be using composting toilets and gray water recovery as our goal is a total "Green" lifestyle.
Now let me show you the stove.

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