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for my sins, I'm a web developer - my husband and I (how regal!) run a small webdev company at - feel free to contact us if you'd like a new site for your business!

I finally got round to building the recipe database I'd been promising myself I would do for literally years. It was well received, so I thought - in a mad sort of way - that I'd do one as a community site. So that's Nibblous - it's all my fault ...

I've become fanatical about not wasting food, and I keep a blog about this at Reactive Cooking.

Should you care, I'm middle aged, of Irish extraction, living happily in Somerset with my husband and eight cats. We cook from scratch most nights, although occasionally we indulge in a frozen meal, although it's always something that we cooked and froze ourselves. We try not to use the big supermarkets, although I'll confess a fondness for Aldi and Lidl - such an eclectic mix of things! Veg for us comes from a greengrocers, we make our own bread, we buy our beef from a farm where you can go and point at the cow and say "I'll have that one next time".

Cooking is, for me, a form of relaxation, of ... grounding, if you will. I rarely use recipe books these days except for enjoyable reading material. Mostly, I open the fridge, see what's in there, and concoct something out of it.

I think it's such a shame that people (sweeping generalisation) are - what - too busy to cook? Don't know how? Ready meals are expensive and Not Very Nice, and it doesn't take long to whip up some pasta and sauce, or a stir fry. And no extra time at all to make several helpings of casserole or spag bol or whatever.

And *don't* start me on food packaging ...

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