crab with spaghettini

I found this - or something fairly similar, on the back of a tin of crab meat.  I've long since lost the actual recipe, but this works pretty well, and is very quick and easy. 

we hadn't eaten it for ages, but we had half a bramble and apple crumble to eat up, and wanted something light, and Pete suggested this.

serves 2

get all the ingredients ready before you start, is my advice.

put some spaghettini on to boil - I guess this would work with other pasta, but the really thin aspect of spaghettini works very well with this.

finely chop some ginger, chilli (red is better/prettier, but green is ok) and garlic - I always use my hand whizzer for this.  Chop a bunch of spring onions.

gently saute these in some olive oil.

add the drained contents of a tin of good quality crab meat, the juice of half a lemon, and some chopped coriander (or parsley, or nothing - whatever you have).  Warm it through, then stir it into the cooked pasta - lovely light supper.

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