pasta with cabbage and mozarella

pasta with cabbage and mozarella

this is one of our staple quick suppers - it's easy and delicious, and we normally have the bits in to make it.

take a green cabbage - savoy, hispi, whatever you like, they all work well. De-core it, and slice it into fine shreds - food processor works well for this.

put a pan of short pasta of some sort on to cook while you make the rest.

soften a finely chopped onion and some very finely chopped garlic in a frying pan with a lid (although no need to put the lid on it at this stage).  You can add chopped bacon, lardons, bits of cooked chicken - whatever you like - at this stage, although it is utterly delicious with or without.

then add the shredded cabbage, a little water (I often use a bit of vermouth too), put the lid on, and steam until the cabbage is done how you like it.  We have ours crunchyish, so about 5-6 minutes does us nicely.

cut up some mozarella into smallish cubes, and when the pasta is cooked, drain it, return to the pan with a dash of good olive oil, add the cabbage pan contents and the mozarella, and stir round until the mozarella starts to melt.


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