a couple of stirfry hints

we eat a lot of stirfries - quick, nutritious, tasty, ideal food in a hurry.  Here's a couple of tips - you probably all do this already, but never mind :)

  • if you're stirfrying meat, before you start to prepare everything else, slice it and put it in a bowl with some soy sauce, and any combination of, say, rice wine (or dry sherry), sesame oil, maybe a bit of cornflour and water.  It gives the meat a chance to take up some flavour, and leaves you a nice liquor to add at the end of the proceedings
  • roughly chop up the flesh of a lime and bung it in towards the end of the stirfrying stage.  The flesh disintegrates and leaves a lovely sharp flavour behind.

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hem said on 20 Jun 2007 at 15:55:53:

Also: Don't use olive oil, it doesn't get hot enough. Always use groundnut/peanut oil. To thinly slice meats, put them into the freezer first and slice them when they are slightly frozen. If you then marinade them (as above) for an hour they will be completely thawed by the time it comes to cooking. Marinade at room temperature rather than the fridge. This stops the temperature of the wok dropping too much when you add the meat. If the recipe requires you to stir fry the meat, remove, make the sauce (in the same wok) and then re-add the meat; just cook the sauce separately in a saucepan and add to the meat when it's done. This stops lots of things from cooling down.

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