sunday night feast

I was wandering around the supermarket at about 6pm wandering what to have for dinner.  Sherwood’s Co-op supermarket somehow has permission to be open until 6pm, and the Spa is 24 hours, including Sunday night. The newly opened Somerfield is 10-4 on Sundays.

Time to cook, and I needed fresh fruit and veg.  It was too late for Somerfield and the Spa doesn’t seem to have anything fresh at all. Wandering around looking at what was on the shelves, and the meal I came up with was bloody Mary, an oven baked fish steak with a cheese sauce, with carrots, broccoli and bulghar wheat pilaf, and apple crumble.  So, the “5-a-day” portion count?  One for the tomato juice, one for the celery stick.  One for each of the carrots, broccoli and the pepper/onion combo in the pilaf. One for the crumble, and possibly also one for the bulghar wheat itself.

I do like interesting alternatives to the usual staples of rice, potatoes and pasta. The bulghar wheat is one we’ve started having.  I must get around to cooking the couscous we have in the cupboard.
Not too far from home tomorrow, so I may be able to cook again, but it’ll be pizzas and curries by Friday.

My vague, food-related New Years resolutions are:

  • Shop for more than one meal.
  • Eat more fruit and veg - salad especially.
  • Don’t buy F+V then let it rot. (If I am going to let it rot: don’t leave it on the floor or the table where it damages the wood.)
  • Actually eat leftovers instead of finding them in the fridge or freezer long after they have stopped being safe to eat.
  • Take putrescibles to the compost before the putresce.
  • Go to the bottle bank more often

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