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I have a narrow cupboard in my kitchen which is useless for storing things in under normal circumstances, so I have put narrow metal drawers into it, on which I can lie all my spice jars and actually see what I have got and find it. It had got itself into the usual mess that these things do, so I had a lovely clean up at the weekend, got rid of a few (well, more than a few if the truth be told) jars that were out of date - mainly Thai pastes which I stopped using ages ago as making ones own is so much more fun! Then a trip to Rafi's ( replenished my lovely Indian spice holder, and necessitated the purchase of a second, smaller one for all the seeds.

A trip to the gym (yes I know, but ...) then back home to cook curries for dinner - well what else? And it is so nice to be able to find things again!

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posted by anna on 28 Feb 06 - 4991 views

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