green gooseberry wine

This should produce a dry wine, "indistinguishable from hock".  We'll see!

6 lbs/2.7kg ripe green gooseberries 
2.5 lbs/1.25kg sugar (I just use ordinary granulated)
6-7 pints/3-4 litres water
yeast and nutrient
pectic enzyme (you should get an idea of how much to use of these ingredients from the packets, as they differ).

My recipe says to top and tail the gooseberries, but I didn't bother, I'm afraid.  I put them into my large fermenting bucket, and squished them by hand until pulpy - it was quite satisfying!  And the enzyme and water, then allow to stand for three days, well covered (my bucket has a close fitting lid), stirring from time to time.

Strain through two layers of muslin, and add the sugar, stirring until it's all dissolved, then add yeast and nutrient.  Put into a sterlised fermenting jar and fit and airlock, and wait for it to stop bubbling.  I'd imagine 4-5 weeks - mine is still bubbling merrily after 2 weeks.

Then rack off, and leave to mature, siphoning off the lees again after another six months.  Leave for another 12 months before drinking.

Home wine making is not a speedy process!  My gooseberry wine will hopefully be drinkable in about Feb 2011 ...

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