quick and easy red wine sauce

roasted a duck for dinner yesterday, served with roast potatoes and stir fried spring greens.  I didn't think a traditional gravy would be quite right, so made this up as I went along - it worked very well.

chop a shallot very finely, then sweat it slowly in more butter than would seem reasonable.  After about 20 minutes or so, add an organic beef stock cube dissolved in about half a WordPerfect* mugful of boiling water, and about the same again of red wine.

boil furiously until it reduces to a glutinous mess.  Delicious with roast duck, and probably lamb and beef too.  I think next time I might just put a pinch of five spice powder in it.

* the brand of mug is vital

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hmullen said on 07 Dec 2009 at 18:32:42:

Brilliant! At last a recipe even *I*, the queen of burning water, can understand. I substituted an ancient Nortel mug (seemed to be appropriately geeky) and a tiny touch of hot pepper. Lovely with roasted duck breast (which of course was not cooked by me).

kingoftoast said on 09 Mar 2012 at 21:12:47:

This was my first try at a red wine sauce, and I'm feeling unbearably smug 'cos it was totally delicious! Had it with roast duck legs coated in 5-spice powder (which actually I did cook!) (see, smug!) Unfortunately didn't have any kind of branded mug, but made up for it by adding 2 dessert spoons of redcurrant jelly to the sauce, seemed to work out, gave it a sort of hoisin/sweetnsour effect. ps love the "queen of the burning water" thing! pps timig note: boiling to glutinous yummy mess takes half hour plus

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