greengage / plum wine

1.75 kg greengages or plums
250 ml white grape concentrate (you can probably get away with grape juice but it might be a bit thin)
1.5kg sugar
1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp pectolase
yeast and nutrient (white for greengates, red for plums, ideally)
1 cup cold black tea (no milke or sugar).

Pour 2 pints boiling water over the fruit and leave overnight.  Then add four pints of cold water, and everything else.

Leave 24 hours and strain off.  Don't squeeze too much or you might release too much pectin, which will cloud the wine.

Pour into a demi john  add another 1/2 teaspoon of pectolase. Fit and airlock, and leave until the wine stops frothing (should be around 48 hours). Top up with cold water to the shoulder of the demi john.

When it stops fermenting, syphon off into a clean demijohn  and add a campden tablet and a potassium sorbate tablet. 

Leave about a month if it doesn't clear, add finings and another campden tablet.

Bottle when clear.

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