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Our fridge has almost returned to normality following the Christmas bulge.  For lunch today, I decided to use whatever was lying around on the shelves (plus seasonings, of course).

First, I cooked 200gms streaky bacon, cut into tiny strips, in my large frying pan.  While the bacon slowly gave up its fat and started to go golden brown, I peeled and chopped an onion;  peeled and sliced - very thinly - a sweet potato and a quarter of a celeriac root.

I added a generous slosh of olive oil to the bacon in the frying pan, then added the chopped onion and the paper-thin slices of  sweet potato and celeriac.  I stirred them well, added a pinch of salt and a nice shower of black pepper, then put on a lid to allow things to soften.

Then I shredded half a spring cabbage very, very finely, and added this to the pan along with the root vegetables.  I stir-fried the mixture for a few minutes, then added a slosh of cider vinegar and a miserly dribble of soy sauce. 

It tasted good, served with crusty bread and a few drops of Tabasco.

I reckon you could use just about any old bits and pieces to make this dish - potatoes, swede, squash, finely-sliced raw Brussels sprouts, ad lib.  The fineness of the slices makes the dish quick and easy to cook without losing taste or nutrients.

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