valerie's easy bread recipe

put l lb of strong flour, good pinch of salt, good pinch of sugar and one sachet of 'easy blend' yeast into a food processor (doesn't even need a dough dome or dough hook) and zuzz it briefly to mix all the dry ingredients. 

have to hand 8oz hand-hot water into which you have put a tablespoon of oil.  Add about 6oz of this through the funnel of the food processor and start  mixing.  Add more warm water if it isn't cohering and add a little more flour if it looks sticky once it has all mixed together.

tip out onto a floured board and shape into rolls or knead into a loaf shape and put in a greased tin.  Cover with a dry cloth and leave for half an hour.  Then bake in a hot over (GM7 or equivalent) - 15 mins for rolls and about half an hour for a loaf.  

you can do all the above by hand if you don't have, or don't want to use a food processor, but allow about ten minutes' serious kneading.

you can reduce the amount of water and increase the amount of oil by about 2oz if you want really light, 'focaccia'-style bread which, incidentally, make the nicest pizza bases.  If you do this, you should use olive oil, rather than sunflower, groundnut, etc.

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