coccodrillo (high water bread)

Thanks to Matthew for this one.

This *needs* a food mixer. At the very least I can't imagine being able to give it enough working by hand. Oh, and a splash guard!

500g Extra strong bread flour
550g Warm water
15g dried yeast
10g salt

Dissolve the yeast in the water. Mix the liquid into the flour with a paddle  *not* the dough hook. Rough mix then let it rest 10 minutes.

Still with the beater go at it medium fast - 3 on a Kenwood - after 5 minutes it'll start coming together and at about 15 be looking like real dough. Add the salt, after which it will tighten more, and give it another 3-5 minutes.

Pour into an oiled container to rise -  tightly lidded, no idea why - and let it *triple* in volume.

When it's done that tip out onto a very well floured surface and fold into a nice shape - this is really weird, the dough feels like a balloon part filled with water. Dredge with more flour and leave to rise again. Time enough to heat the oven as hot as it goes. A pizza stone is recommended but I don't have one.

Try and get the dough off the counter, stretch it out and artfully chuck it in the furnace.

35-45 minutes later it should be done.

I'm warned that it doesn't always work.



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