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I had a quick scud through my Nibblous favourites this morning for some ideas, and decided on Balsamic Duck with Cep Lentils. We have all the ingredients in - the duck breasts were in the outside freezer.

and when I went out to this frost free upright freezer, I was met with a sheet of ice - somehow, the handle of the cool bag had got caught in the door, and air was getting in.  The temperature was ok, but frost free it wasn't ...

so we spent a happy hour with Pete chiselling the ice out of the freezer, and me brushing down all the contents, and cleaning and drying the drawers.  Thankfully, everything seems fine.

I found a pack of Charles' Pearmaine's bacon in there, dated 2001.  Wonder if it'll be alright ... :)

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ccomley said on 16 Sep 2006 at 17:33:23:

Bacon should be fine.  But if you're in doubt, we'll check it for you.

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