meatballs in an italian stylee

there are some things you just know you shouldn't eat - french mustard sandwiches, say, or Mr Whippy ice cream.  Those Swedish pork and beef meatballs are amongst them - they're solid meat, but they don't taste of anything, really.

but Pete and I love 'em cooked like this - they're one of our comfort foods.  So I cooked up two packets on Friday; we ate one serving for supper that night, and three have gone in the freezer.

dice carrots, celery and courgettes, and sweat down some roughly chopped onion and finely chopped garlic.

when they're just about soft, add lots of sliced mushrooms and continue the sweating until those are reasonably soft.

add a good slosh of red wine, passata, black pepper and sea salt, and oregano (fresh good, but dried fine), then add the meatballs.  Cook for half an hour or so, or until the sauce loses that "raw tomato taste". 

serve with spaghetti.

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posted by ramtops on 28 May 06 - 6877 views


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