vodka chocolate chillis

vodka chocolate chillis

I saw this on LJ, and thought of Sasha

make a slit in the side of the chilli and remove membrane and seeds. Then you marinate them in vodka for 12 hours+. Then you pipe a mixture of white chocolate, vodka and freshly ground black pepper into the cavities, chill, and finally dip in dark (60%+) chocolate.

the combination of chocolate, pepper, vodka and chilli works remarkably well, but its still difficult to eat more than one of them. The green chillis especially were scary and eating them brought tears to the eyes and profanities to the lips.

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sasha said on 12 May 2006 at 18:39:25:

Oh, heavenly bliss!

niles said on 23 May 2006 at 23:41:00:

I made these last weekend for a party for a friend who eats Scotch Bonnets raw on toast! They were surprisingly edible.  The vodka they were soaked in was poured back into the bottle and had quite a kick given it'd had only had 24 hours in contact with chillis.  Piping the peppered, vodka-laced white chocolate through a baggie with a corner cut off was easier than I expected.  The dark chocolate refused to stick to the outside of the chillis.  I didn't even try to eat more than one of them.

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