or ghoulash if you prefer, although ghouls are difficult to get out of season ..

I'm sure this isn't remotely authentic, but it is delicious, and warming, and something that we try to keep in our freezer for those days when you just can't be arsed to cook.


serves 6 hungry people or 8 more refined

carrots and celery
1.5k of good quality stewing steak, tripped and cubed
some olive oil
2 large onions, halved and cut into thin slices
several cloves of garlic (I leave the quantity to you), peeled and finely chopped
some plain flour
lots of paprika
2 tins of tomatos
a jar of roast peppers - these are the essential bit

I start nearly all my casserole-y things off by dicing carrots and celery, then sweating them down in some olive oil.  I leave this entirely up to you, but I find it gives them a depth and flavour.  So do that first if you want.

then ... brown the meat in batches, and set it aside. You might need some olive oil to do this, or not - depends on the meat.  Ideally, do this in the flameproof casserole in which you're going to cook it.  Then add the onions, and some (more) oil, cook them until they're golden brown.  Chuck in the garlic and cook for a few moments.   Then put the meat back in the casserole, and add about 1 1/2 tbsps of flour, and the paprika - I'd probably use about 3 tbsps for this amount, but it is, as always, a matter of taste.  Add the tomatos, a sloosh of red wine if you're that way inclined (I usually am), and some salt and pepper.  Then add the sliced up contents of the jar of red peppers.

bring to a simmer, and put in a low oven for a few hours - or a hotter one for a couple, but trust me, it's better slow.  And better eaten next day, come to that.

half an hour before serving, add a sliced up fresh pepper, red or green, and some sour cream, if that rocks your boat.

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