canned rhubarb wine

They sell huge tins of rhubarb in Makro - no sugar, just fruit, about 3kg for about £6.50.  So I thought I'd have a bash at making wine with some.

To make 1 gallon

1.25kg rhubarb
1kg sugar
1/2 pint strong black tea
250ml can white grape juice
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp yeast nutrient

If using fresh rhubarb, wipe it, chop into small pieces.  Put rhubarb in a bucket, and cover with sugar, leave overnight till sugar is dissolved.

Strain off the syrup, cover the rhubarb with water to rinse off any remaining sugar. Add this liquor to the syrup, and make it up to one gallon with water.  Add the tea, wine yeast and nutrient, and transfer to a demijohn with an airlock, leave to ferment.

Stop fermentation with 2 campden tablets when hydrometer reads about 1.1, leave to clear naturally, or use Bentonite.

I found that using the canned rhubarb made an awful lot of lees, so I've already racked it a couple of times.

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