plum tart

take a punnet of plums - 500g or so.  Halve and stone, and poach in a wide shallow pan with a sprinkling of brown sugar and a splash of water.  When they are soft, but not falling apart, transfer carefully to a dish to cool.

add some vanilla extract and a little more water to the pan juice, and cook it down a bit.

then whizz about 50g of ratafia bikkit into breadcrumbs.

put the ratafia crumbs in an 8"-ish pastry case (if you can make pastry,feel free to construct and blind bake such a thing.  If you can't, buy one as I did.  So shoot me).

put the plums on top, pour on the juice from the pan, bake at gas mark 6
for about 20 minutes.  Pour on lashings of thick cream and consume.

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