autumn fruit salad

from Roger Davies

8 or so Rocha pears
250g of stoned prunes
100g of raisins or sultanas
100g of brown sugar
1 stick of cinnamon
1 bottle of red wine

soak the prunes in cold tea to reconstitute them (4 hrs+). soak the raisins or sultanas in water to do likewise (2 hrs+).

peel the pears (using a potato peeler) leaving on the stalks. Cut off the bottom of the pears so that they sit upright.

sit the pears in circle in the bottom of a saucepan. This should be a good not too smug fit. Break the cinamon stick in two and place it upright amonst the pears. Fill up the gaps between the base of the pears with raisins, then add the prunes.

fill the saucepan with red wine (I used Castillo de Sierra Rioja - £2.49 from Safeway) up to the levels of the stalks. Cover and simmer for a hour.

pour the juices off into another saucepan. Add the sugar and bring to a brisk boil, until caramelised.

transfer the pears and fruits (by now plump and moist) to a serving dish. Pour the caramel over the fruit and leave to cool. Serve with cream, ice-cream, crème fraîche, or custard.

winewise: try a Rivesaltes, a Banyules or a Marsala with this.

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