inauthentic chinee style pork stir fry

I do honestly think that bitsa type meals are often the best kind - I doubt I'll ever be able to reconstruct this one, but just in case, here it is.

as with all stir fry meals, do all the prep before you light the gas!

served 2 greedy people

take some fillet of pork - we had half of a big one left, but obviously it's up to you.  Slice it into thin strips and set aside.

slice half a yellow courgette, half* a yellow pepper, and some mushrooms into thin strips.  Slice a green chilli.  Finely chop (or, as we did, whizz in the whizzy thing) a suitable amount of ginger and garlic - we generally go for "lots".

now you can start cooking:

heat about 2cms worth of groundnut oil in a wok, and when it's good and hot, fry the pork *in batches* until it has browned.  Set aside in a Little Brown Bowl (or whatever is to hand).

then put the chopped veg, garlic, ginger and chilli into the wok.  We have horrible gas pressure, so our stir frying is rather inauthentic, but eventually we have it the way we want.  We added some roasted and ground Sezchuan pepper at this point, a sprinkle of salt, half a tsp of sugar, a splash of fish sauce, a dash of sesame oil, and a dollop of tamari sauce (note the precise measurements!).

then we left it to gloop gently while we cooked some egg noodles, and 2 minutes before the end, we added lots of chopped basil and coriander.  When the noodles were cooked, they were drained and added to the wok.

it was utterly delicious!

* you could do a whole one, of course, but ours had started to go a bit mouldy, dammit.

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