fluffy omelette

For 2 people or 1 Hungry person.

2 eggs, bacon, mushrooms, spring onion, or onion.

Use the two eggs and seperate the yolk from the white.

Put the white in a bowl and add salt and peper.

Chop the bacon and other ingredients into small chunks about 1/4" - 6 mm.

Fry the ingredients in a little oil  until cooked.

Whip the egg white until it stands up on it's own.

Fold in the egg yolk with a spoon (gently)

Tip the egg white with yolk into the frying pan and spread it to fill pan.

Leave a few minutes till the underside is starting to brown.

Using a slice flip the omelete over and cook the other side till starting to brown.

Serve and eat straight away.

The ingredients can be varied to taste - peppers - cheese - chunks of polish sausage are nice :-)

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