butter bean salad

for the butter beans, either just open a can, or do what I do - buy them dried, soak and boil them. Try not to leave them until you find them in the back of the cupboard, *seven years* past their sell-by date.  They were ok, though.

dice a red pepper and some cucumber, and place in a decent sized bowl.  Finely chop some spring onions and add.

take some seeds - we did pumpkin, sunflower and sesame - and dry fry.  When they're sufficiently toasty, add some soy sauce.  When cool (moments), add to the salad bowl.

then bung in some butter beans.  I made a dressing of some more soy and a bit of walnut oil, and we scoffed it with steamed new spuds.  Very nice.

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posted by ramtops on 06 Jun 07 - 9413 views


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