did you get the things we needed?

did you get the things we needed?

[originally posted in my LiveJournal on 7 August 2005]

we went to the Bristol Slow Food market today. It's held on the first Sunday of every month, and this is the first time we have managed to be organised enough to get there. What did we get?

  • lots of sossidge - smoked venison, venison with south efrikan seasoning, and pork, leek and ginger
  • bread - three sourdough, one rye and coriander (amazing), one seven seed; all gone in the freezer for now
  • some organic tomatoes for Pete - I can't abide raw tomatoes, although these looked fab
  • rhubarb, ginger and chili jam - this was amazing, and will be fab on sourdough toast
  • a smoked duck breast
  • a leg of organic lamb; we'll eat this tonight, studded with rosemary and garlic slivers, and accompanied by steamed new potatoes and broccoli
  • four Exmoor pasties - *huge* things, made with beef and lamb; gone in the freezer for now
  • three bottles of dry apple juice, the labels of which proclaim "Ingredient: apple"; which is just as it should be
  • some dried rose petals - great for Moroccan cooking
  • two sorts of goats cheese - one very simple and light, one flavoured with garlic and chives
we managed not to buy anything else, although sorely tempted by raspberry and walnut brownies (sublime, but £1.70 each [scream]), beautiful fish, organic garlic, still more sossidge (we *love* sossidge), great choice of organic meats, etc. But we knew that we had enough to fill the freezers, and we nearly ran out of cash :)

I have put notes in my diary for the next twelve months, so we don't forget. Once a month is better than nothing, but I do wish that Bristol was better equipped with decent food outlets ...

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