butternut squash and carrot soup

I love soup - we have some for lunch most days (the joys of working at home). This one came to pass because of a glut of the vegetables.  It's just on its final run as I type - can't wait :)

cut the squash into halves or quarters (depending on how big it is), scoop out the seeds, and put the chunks onto a baking tray.  Dot each with a generous knob of butter, and bake in a medium oven until soft - I find this varies quite a lot depending on the squash, but between 40 minutes and an hour should do it.

take as many carrots as you like - I did heaps because we are inundated with the things from the veggie box.  If large, slice down the middle, otherwise put them whole in another baking tray, toss in a liberal sloosh of olive oil, and bake in the same oven - they'll need at least an hour.

the next day (because I was busy), chop the carrots into chunks and fling into a big pan.  De-skin the squash, and do the same with that (same pan, not different one).  Cover with water, bring to the boil with salt and pepper, leave on a low heat for a couple of hours till the vegetables are mulchy.

then liquise the chunks - I used a hand blender.  Dry roast some cumin seeds, and grind them, add to the liquidated soup and adjust for seasoning.

cook for another hour or so just to be sure.  Consume.

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