wholemeal drop scones


4oz wholemeal flour
¼ pt buttermilk/piimä/milk
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cream of tartare
pinch salt
1 egg
olive oil
lemon juice

Makes 8-10, depending on how big you make them


Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl or jug; I suppose you could sift the flour if you really feel the need, but I never bother and don't feel the lack.

Break the egg into the bowl, add a drizzle of oil, and add the milk product (something at least slighty off if not totally soured works best) slowly whilst stirring the mixture (I just use a fork), making sure you get all the flour properly mixed in. ¼ pt is a guideline; you may need a little more. You want a handy dropping consistency, gloopy but not too wet.

Add and stir in a good squirt of lemon juice at the end (it's there more to kick the baking powder than for flavour, though you can add more if you like things lemony).

Leave to sit for a few minutes, while your griddle warms: I smear oil onto the griddle first, just enough to key the surface. Temperature wants to be hot but nowhere near smoking, you can test by dropping a little drop of mixture; it should fizzle gently immediately.

Use a tablespoon to ladle each scone onto the griddle, as many at a time as there's comfortable room to do bearing in mind that they need turning. Leave them a minute or two until bubbles are breaking through to the surface, then flip and give them another minute or so on the other side. I lay them on one end of a teatowel, covering them over with the other end to keep them warm until all are cooked.

We eat them with a bit of butter; if you've a sugar habit, you could happily add some maple syrup or similar. This recipe also works fine with white flour - you can cut the baking powder down to 1 tsp in that case.

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