the peppers are taking over ...

astute readers will notice I've been posting a lot of vegetable recipes lately.  This is because we have resumed our organic veggie box from Riverford, and are currently overrun with veg!

we have a *lot* of peppers; some from our own garden, some from a friend, and some in the veg box ... and some left over from a jar of roasted peppers.

with the latter, I whizzed them up with the water that I soaked some shallots in (did you know that soaking shallots in boiling water for five minutes makes them easier to peel? - and that I'm too mean to throw it away? :).  That liquid, with some finely chopped carrot, leek, courgette and a small green pepper, made a nice soup, with some chickpeas added for bulk.

and last night, I made a bitsa risotto, with peppers and a leek sauteéd in olive oil, and some cubed pancetta, vermouth, and a handful of chopped parsley thrown in at the end.  Sometimes bitsa meals really work, and this one did!

now then - what to do with two cauliflowers? ...

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