must. pay. attention.

I prepped a big pot of goulash last evening, and left it in the oven on very low to cook overnight.  This plan is fine, except you wake up tormented by ghoulash dreams, due to the smell wafting up the stairs.

when I fetched it out of the oven, I had put not enough salt in it, and had completely failed to add the roasted peppers [sigh].  So there I was, in my dressing gown at 8 a.m., slicing the contents of a jar of peppers *before I'd had a cup of tea*.

Pete bet me they wouldn't go in, as the casserole dish was so full, but they did, and hopefully the residual heat from the cast iron and the goulash will do the first bit of melding of meat and pepper.  But getting it out of the now brimming Le Creuset and into tubs for the freezer will be challenging ...

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