rotten asparagus

The alarming blog entry from ramtops showing chocolate asparagus moves me to relate a tragic experience we had yesterday.  Making one of our swift forays to Costco, we bore away in triumph a large, sealed bag of English asparagus.  It looked perfect through the polythene, and there was masses of the stuff.  Couldn't wait to cook it for our supper.

Alas, when I opened the sealed bag, the smell of rotting nearly knocked my head off.  We took the bag back to Costco today and got our money back.  Didn't compensate for the disappointment, however.  The moral is, never buy asparagus you can't smell.  Seriously.

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ramtops said on 31 May 2006 at 10:30:06:

oh yuk - and what a disappointment.  I'm not struck on Costco's veg, although I do buy bags of oranges (for juicing) and lemmings - we get through an inordinate amount of lemmings.

I had to get Pete to deal with a rather revolting mess in the vegetable drawer at the weekend, which had once been spinach, but had evolved into a lower life form.

sasha said on 31 May 2006 at 14:17:53:

There's a cheaper Bristol source of lemmings and squeezy oranges: the Sunday fruit market at St Philips.  All sorts of amazing bargains there - you just wouldn't believe.

The tragic fate of your spinach has been shared by bags of spinach in this house.  It's the mephitic drips you need to watch out for as you heave it from fridge to bin.

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