really really easy apricot chicken

Two large chicken portions
1 packet of french onion powdered soup
Bottle of peach/apricot nectar (500mls to 1L)
(make sure it's the real stuff, takes a bit of looking for but can usually be found on the shelves with other fruit juices in most supermarkets (UK, NZ, OZ))
Optional - sliced mushrooms
1. Turn on oven to 180-200C (fan oven use lower temp)
2. Lightly fry off the chicken on both sides so it is just browning, (and the mushrooms if raw)
3. Put chicken (an mushrooms) in a casserole dish.
4. Mix the packet soup with the nectar (500mls, or whatever amount the soup packet says for water. If you want it sweeter then add a bit more nectar)
5. Pour all over the chicken, and coverwith lid or foil
6. Cook for 40 mins, every 10 mins open it up and spon the mixture back over the chicken.
Serve with rice and something green

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