kerry's apricot chicken

This recipe was given to me by my Australian friend, Kerry - hence the name. It was a recipe her family and her friend's family all knew but they don't know where they first got it.

4 pieces of chicken, grilled
1 onion, sliced
half a packet of French onion soup mix
one tin or carton of apricot nectar (I've recently substituted peach nectar from Lidl when I couldn't get apricot)
an unspecified amount of apricot pieces - it's really up to you.

Roll the grilled chicken in the soup mix.
Place this in a casserole dish (or slow cooker) with the onion and the apricot pieces.
Mix remaining soup mix with the apricot nectar and pour over the chicken.
Cook in a medium-slow oven for two hours (or longer in a slow cooker if you are going out and leaving it).
When ready to serve, remove the chicken and thicken the sauce with cornflour*

Lovely served with mashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots.

*This is the recipe as it was given to me.  However, I've never felt the need to thicken the sauce.

The original instructions said 'if  using more than four pieces of chicken still only use half a packet of soup'.  Obviously if making a lot more, for a party or large gathering as I have done, you will need to increase the amount of soup mix

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