spiced red cabbage

we love this - it's a real comfort food for us.  Serve with mountains of mashed potato, and good sausages.  Or meatloaf, or casserole, or some mushroom thing I made for a veggie xmas a couple of years ago.  Gorgeous.

I have a vat of it in the oven as I type :)

take a red cabbage (obviously), core it, and shred it.  If I'm feeling the need to kill things, I do this with a *nice sharp knife*.  Sorry ... else, this is what food processors were invented for.  Sling it in a big, flameproof casserole dish.

then peel and core a cooking apple, and cut it into little chunks, and sling that in.  Then a red onion, peeled and chopped finely.  A few garlic cloves ditto - up to you how many, really.  A goodly slug of red wine vinegar - cover the bottom of the casserole by about 2 cms.  Sling it all in - you know the drill.

then, take some ground cloves, some nutmeg, some cinnamon, salt and pepper, grind 'em all up and - yes, you know the drill now.

put it on the heat, bring to a gentle simmer while stirring it all about a bit, then put it in a slow oven - gas mark 1 - and cook gently for about four hours, stirring when and if you remember.  If you can't wait, then up the temperature to gas 2, and do it for two hours.

but trust me, slower is best (as in so many things), and it's much nicer the next day.

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hem said on 22 Jan 2010 at 14:26:56:

What do you mean, "slower is best"? I like my red cabbage fast and hard!

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