jim's fire glazed duck

this is a barbie recipe, but would work fine indoors - I know, I've done it.

use - if you have one (and if not, why not?) - a ribbed cast iron pan, sear the duck on each side for 5 minutes or so, then cook in the oven for, oh - 15 minutes maybe on Gas 5.  Ish.

serves 4

4 x 150-175g duck breasts

3 tbsp maple syrup, or if you haven't got any, use clear honey
2 tbsp soy sayce
1 tsp five spice powder

in a shallow bowl, mix together maple syrup (or honey), soy sauce and five spice powder. Deeply score the duck skin, add to the marinade, turning to coat it.  Leave for 5 minutes.

cook the duck, skin side down, first for 8-10 minutes on each side until well brownsed, but still a little pink in the centre, then set aside for 5 minutes.

serve with plum dipping sauce.

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