rhubarb and apple jam

 This one came from a minor store cupboard error, I was making rhubarb jam when I realised I had no jam sugar, but did have a couple of cooking apples.

If you want to keep your rhubarb chunky - try not to stir too much, if you want it less lumpy- stir away.

It turned out very tasty and set nicely. Will be making this one again.

770g Rhubarb, trimmed and cut into 2 cm pieces

230g Cooking Apple, roughly chopped

900g sugar

a little water.

Mix the rhubarb with the sugar and leave to stand for a couple of hours/ overnight- this brings out all the juice from the rhubarb.

Slowly bring the rhubarb/sugar mix to the boil.

While you are waiting for the rhubarb to heat, cook the apples in a separate pan with a small amount of water.

When the apples are all mushy and the rhubarb boiling add to the rhubarb and stir in. Turn down the heat and simmer the mix for a wee while (5-10 mins) before testing for setting point. Keep simmering until it reaches setting point.

Once setting point has been reached (if the surface of a cooled splodge on a plate wrinkles when you try and move it) pot into hot sterilised jars.

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