chicken stuffed with mushrooms and mozarella


We bought a tub of four mozarellas at Costco last weekend, so need to use them up.  Here's a recipe I concocted.

serves 2

1 large chicken breast
4-5 chestnut mushrooms
4 cloves of garlic
1 shallot
2 rashers of bacon
1 mozarella cheese
grated parmesan to suit

Finely chop the shallot, mushrooms and garlic, and saute gently until they're soft.  Set aside in a bowl to cool.

Slice the chicken carefully down the middle lengthways, taking care not to cut right through.  Open it out, put it under some clingfilm, and bash it with a rolling pin or meat hammer to a) flatten it, and b) get rid of some of your inner anger.

Add the mozarella and parmesan to the mushroom mixture, and mix well, then spread over the chicken.  Roll it up, discover you have too much filling and not enough chicken, and get a couple of rashers of bacon out of the fridge.  Similarly flatten them, and wrap them round the chicken, and secure (there's hopeful) with some cocktail sticks.

Bake at Gas 6 for about 25 minutes.  Delicious.

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