roasted cod with celeriac mash

  • Piece of cod (icelandic fillet is what I used) per person
  • Nugget of ginger
  • Herbs - I used coriander and parsley
  • Teaspoon (ish) of Harissa
  • Lemon juice
  • A couple of potatoes and about the same weight in celeriac, peeled and cut into same-sized chunks (the amount here obviously depends on the number you are feeding - in my case it was just me ...)
  • Maybe something in the way of a green vegetable would be nice too - I did some beans and purple sprouting broccoli but then I am a vege-addict! Or carrots could look pretty with the green of the herbs

Whizz the ginger, herbs, Harissa and lemon juice to form rough paste. Or chop and squish them somehow - whatever your favourite method of doing this sort of thing is just fine.

Put cod onto piece of foil (saves washing up that way!) and slather with the herb paste. Don't wrap it up though, just put the open foil onto a baking tray.

Boil the potato and celeriac pieces in lightly salted water until cooked then mash with some pepper and a little semi-skimmed milk. If you want it richer you can add butter or cream, but honestly it is fine without.

Meanwhile cook the cod for about 5-7 minutes in hot oven. I don't like my fish undercooked, but do it to your own taste

Put mash on plate. Top with roasted cod. Add vegetables. Enjoy!

I had lots of the celeriac mash left over, so next day fried some onions in a titchy bit of oil, added vegetable stock, soy sauce and mash, whizzed up with my Braun thingy and lo-and-behold, cream of celeriac soup with virtually no calories. Yum.

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