thai turkey

Stirfry sliced red onion and courgette in a little olive oil until nearly done, remove to warm plate.

Whilst this is happening disolve coconut block in hot water and either sieve or liquidise. Keep to the side.

Once you have removed the veg to another dish, to the same pan now add thai spices of your choice, then the turkey thigh and cook until nearly done, add back the red onion, courgette and now some red chilli pepper.  Stir through.

Now add the coconut milk and let simmer until turkey is cooked and the sauce/soup is to your preference of consistency.

Can serve with rice, I didn't as was plenty enough with the veg and the turkey thigh.

Serve in bowl, with a good handful of fresh basil leaves.

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posted by nauori on 24 Mar 13 - 3818 views

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