not really risotto, but what the hell ..

people have argued with me that this is a "baked rice" dish, rather than risotto.  Whatever, it works well, and my back doesn't like standing over the cooker and doing all that stirring.

it's dead easy -real comfort food in this house :)

prewarm the dish in the oven - gas mark 2

do your sautéing of whatever base you want (onions, celery, whatever)

add 6 oz of arborio rice and move it about a bit so it gets covered in the buttery oily veggy stuff

add 5 fl oz of something like vermouth, and a pint of water or stock or whatever you fancy. Some lemon juice works well at this stage, depending on the filling. Some salt and black pepper.

bring to simmer, bung in hot dish in oven at gas 2 for 20 minutes.  Take out and stir well, put back in over for 15 minutes.

garnish with parmesan or parsley or whatever.  Eat.

if I do a mushroom one, I use the water the dried mushrooms were soaking in for stock.  Sometimes I do one with prawn, chili and ginger - in that case, I put the prawns in 5 minutes before the end.  Prawn and fennel is good too. 

use up the last remnants of a chicken or duck, or some veg.  It's a wonderful basic standby.

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