Discussing breakfasts, and Things On Toast generally, elsewhere made me think of this: sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

Couple of eggs, lightly combined (just enough to break up the yolks and create an approximately uniform distribution of yolk and white at a ~10mm granularity).

Add a generous splash of Lea and Perrins, a good few drops of Tabasco, a slosh of olive oil, ground black mustard seed, a healthy grinding of black pepper and a bit of salt (don't need much, 'cos of the cheese).

Grate in *lots* of cheese, decent cheddar out of preference for me.

Combine with a fork.

Toast two thick slices of bread on one side and pile mixture onto the untoasted sides in a piling into unfeasibly high heaps sort of way.

Toast at medium heat to allow the inner bits to cook a bit and become mouth-searingly hot while the surface browns, bubbles and crisps.

Serves one :)

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posted by skydancer on 16 Feb 07 - 5615 views


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