sausage and chorizo hotpot

  • 1 large red onion chopped
  • 1lb cocktail sausages (or regular sausages chopped up)
  • 1 good sized chorizo sausage sliced.
  • 1 pint bottle of dark beer (I've used ESB and Pedigree)
  • 4 English Apples- sliced (Coxes Orange Pippins rule!)
  • 4 large potatoes- sliced
  • Grated strong cheese (I use mature Bandon Vale).

Set oven to 160 degrees C. Heat some oil in a decent sized casserole dish. Throw the onions in and light fry without colouring. Throw the sausages in and cook until browned on the outside. Throw in the chorizo and cook for a minute. Pour in all the beer (one mouthful allowed for the chef for quality checking purposes) and bring to the boil while putting layering all the apple on top of the sausages. Then put a layer off all the potatoes on top of the apple. Throw a good covering off cheese on top of this and put the lot in the oven. Should be ready in 30 minutes or when the cheese has browned.

Serve with lots of crusty fresh bread and beer.

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