sesame toffee apple wedges

sesame toffee apple wedges

[from an elderly Waitrose recipe card]

Ideal for Hallowe'en or Bonfire night

300g granulated sugar
50g sesame seeds
2 Cox's apples
bamboo skewers

Place sugar in a pan with 120ml cold water and heat slowly, without stirring, until it dissolves completely. Then bring to the boil and bubble rapidly, until the mix begins to colour.

Meanwhile, cut 8 bamboo skewers in half, and snip off the pointy ends with scissors. Using a small sharp knife, cut each apple into 8 wedges and remove the core. Pat dry with kitchen paper, and push a skewer into each wedge.

Once the sugar is a light golden toffee colour, remove from the heat and stir in the sesame seeds; the mixture will foam up at this point. Allow it to subside, then using the skewers, dip each apple piece fully in the toffee mixture, and place on silicon paper to set. The toffee in the pan will continue to darken, so you'll get a nice range of colours.

Take care - the toffee is hot, but work quickly or it may set before you've finished; heat it again gently if that happens.

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