what a let down

What a let down

I've been waiting to try out a recipe I saw in the April issue of Good Food magazine since I saw it. But now that I've finally made it, what a disappointment! It may be my inept skills, but I'm hoping that someone else willtry it and let me know how they got on.

Its for a Dark Chocolate Sorbet (odd I know) and its supposed to be smooth and velvety but mine just tasts grainy. I suspect it has something to do with the temperatures when the chocolate and syrup were blended but I did follow the recipe properly.

If anyone wants to use the recipe its basically just syrup (225g white caster sugar dissolved in 500ml water) and melted chocolate (200g good quality dark chocolate). Both cooled then mixed, chilled then put in the ice cream maker. I suppose it could be the chocolate I used (Tesco Finest 72%). I don't understand why I couldn't have just heated the whole thing up to ensure the chocolate and syrup were properly blended but the recipe was very clear about this...they should both be cool when blended. Anyone got any ideas why this turned out wrong?

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ramtops said on 22 Apr 2006 at 14:08:01:

I would have thought that trying to blend chocolate and syrup when cool was bound to be a disaster ...

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leighbob said on 22 Apr 2006 at 18:08:43:

I know....I should have ignored the recipe and heated the whole thing up until it was properly blended...but I'm thh chap that niles said always follows recipes to the letter the first time through....serves me right I guess!

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