christmas pudding (sasha's recipe)

Sasha's own recipe, as made in 1979 - based on a recipe given on Radio 4 by the Savoy chef of the time,  Signor Trompetto.

NB  this makes 3 large puddings

[Ed - this seems *very* boozy!  Wonderful!]

1lb sultanas  
1lb raisins   
1/2 lb currants   
1/2lb mixed peel
10 ozs demerara

soak all these ingredients for 2 days in a mixture of one large wineglass each:  madeira, armagnac, sherry and rum, with 1 can barley wine

into the soaked fruit, stir:

10 ozs fresh white breadcrumbs
10 ozs flour
2 ozs mixed spice (with extra cassia if you can find it)
6 ozs grated apple
juice of 2 lemons
1 lb chopped suet
4 ozs or more of chopped nuts
9 eggs

allow mixture to rest.

pile into 3 large buttered pudding basins.  Cover with 2 layers of pleated, greased greaseproof paper.  Do not overfill pudding basins, as the mixture expands during cooking.

steam for 6 hours in boiling water two thirds of the way up bowls.  Replenish water as required to maintain level.

when done, put of fresh greaseproof covers.  Store in a cool place.  On Xmas day, boil a further four hours.

(NB  Microwaving will greatly reduce the amount of time needed for steaming - consult instructions for your microwave)

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