apricot, almond and lemon pudding

apricot, almond and lemon pudding

apricots - as many as you like
cardamon seeds - ditto
vanilla essence or some such
caster sugar to taste
4oz ground almonds
4oz (more) caster sugar
4oz butter
2 large eggs
rind of a lemon
some flaked almonds for the topping.

Cut the apricots in half, and remove the stones.  Place them, cut side down, in a wide, shallow pan, and add some cardamon seeds (note: you want the little black seeds from inside the pods, not the pods themselves, if possible), a sprinkling of caster sugar (we like our fruit tart, so adjust to taste), a splash of vanilla essence, or a pod or whatever you prefer, vanilla-wise), and about half an inch of water.

Bring to the boil, then simmer gently for about five minutes.  Remove the apricots to an oven proof dish, then reduce the liquor to about half its volume by boiling it fiercely.  Pour it over the apricots.

In a food mixer, blitz the butter, ground almonds and caster sugar, eggs and lemon rind.  Pour this over the fruit, and then scatter flaked slivered almonds over the top - I did wonder if this latter might be an almond too far, but it wasn’t.

Bake for an hour at gas 4 / 180C, serve with ice cream or cream.  Truly lovely.

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