From Josceline Dimbleby.

I have omitted the candied peel, which I don't like, and substituted figs and dates.

1lb dried apricots
12oz candied pineapple
4oz glace cherries
12oz currants
6oz dates
6oz dried figs
12oz dessert apples (like Coxes) peeled, cored and chopped
4oz whole blanched almonds
1lb soft dark brown sugar
6oz shredded suet
1tsp ground cloves
2tsp ground cinnamon
rind and juice of two lemons
rind and juice of one large orange
at least half a pint of brandy

Chop up all the fruit and mix everything together in an enormous bowl.
If it seems at all dry, slosh in some more brandy.
Leave it, covered with a tea towel, for a couple of days.
Give a stir.  Have a sniff.  Slosh in more brandy.

Prepare clean jars (you probably need about eight) by sterilising them either in the dishwasher or by putting them a cool oven and bringing them up to 100 degrees.
Spoon the mincemeat into the hot jars and seal well (if not sealed properly the apple may ferment).  If you want to be sure, melt some suet and pour a layer over the top.
Keep for at least a couple of weeks before using.  I have kept mine for more than two years and it gets better :)

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