boeuf bourguignon

This is a nice french stew with wine red wine and beef.

  1. Dice an onion and fry it in olive oil in a big pot until brown. Whilst doing that coat someĀ  beef cubes in flour (ask for a cut that is good for stewing).
  2. Afterwards fry the beef in a pan so that all the "outside" of the beef is brown as well.
  3. Add the beef and juice to the pot.
  4. Add some diced carrots.
  5. Add 1L of red wine (Cheap will do)
  6. Add some stock, herbs and salt. Bring to the boil for a bit.
  7. Then let simmer for two hours.
  8. Add some mushrooms
  9. Simmer for another hour
  10. Its ready!!!
My advice this is best to eat with mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes. Its a great cheap dish for the winter and eat it with a uncheap wine and your tastebuds will be rewarded...

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