cheesy galette

I wanted something with a little more gooey-saucyness to go with roast gammon since there would be no sauce. (There could've been but there wasn't, OK?) 

I thought to put cheese on top but it would've stopped the nice crunchy layer of spud. So... I put it inside!!


  • Several potatoes, peeled,
  • Salt, pepper, any fresh herbs
  • Knob of butter
  • Grated cheddar
  • chicken or veg stock

Slice the spuds thinly - a mandolin is far and away the best, watch your fingers. 

Smear a generous layer of butter on the bottom of a shallow dish. 

Arrange a layer of slices, slightly overlapping each other, to cover the buttered base. 

Sprinkle on a few herbs, salt, pepper. 

Add a second layer of spud, and season. 

Add a third layer of spud, and season. Sprinkle in a thin layer of grated cheese. 

Add a final layer of spud. Optionally drizzle a little olive oil on the top. 

Pour in enough chicken stock to go up to but NOT to cover the top layer. 

Slam it in the top of the oven - 160-180. It'll take about an hour. 

When it's cooked, the top layer should be browning (but not burnt) and have crispy edges, and there should be no liquid stock left, it'll have been asborbed by the lower layers. 


posted by ccomley on 23 Jan 11 - 2512 views

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