family christmas cake

8 oz margarine
8 oz dark soft brown sugar
1 level tablespoon black treacle
6 eggs (size 2!!)
10 oz plain flour
1 level teaspoon salt
2 level teaspoons mixed spice
1/4 (one quarter) teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
13 oz sultanas
13 oz raisins
13 oz currants
5 oz glace cherries
4 oz walnuts
1/2 (half) gill brandy

(Haven't the faintest clue what half a gill is - just chuck in a hefty splash! doesn't seem to be too critical! Mixture is quite soft but not actually runny!)

Cream marg and sugar and beat in treacle. Beat in eggs, adding a little flour after each one. Stir in all remaining ingredients and moisten with brandy.

***Put in COLD oven 100 degrees C for 3 hours 2nd runner from bottom. Switch off and leave until completely cold before opening oven.  I use 9 inch cake tin and plenty of greaseproof/parchment lining.

*** This is the original temp/timing instruction - you may have to play to get it just right with your oven. EG our new oven is 140 for i hour then 130 for 2 hours 30 mins for perfect results.

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