worm cake

4 oz fresh worms
5 oz caster sugar
10 oz dried fruit
1/2 pint milk
4 oz SR flour

Preheat oven to Gas 3, 140 deg.C

Mix the worms, sugar and fruit in a large bowl, and mix well

Stir in milk, and leave for 30 minutes

Sieve in flour, mixing well, and pour into two 1 pound loaf tins

Bake for approx one hour.

Notes: dried fruit can be altered to taste to include glace cherries (reduce sugar slightly), chopped shelled nuts, dessicated coconut, the exciting things in small packets like prunes, sun-dried apricots, etc.

If fresh worms are not available, Kellog's All-Bran makes a reasonable substitute. Do not use dried worms.

Worm cake is a pleasant and interesting way of introducing more roughage into your diet. I did once work out the calories per slice, assuming no butter, using the Weight Watchers thingie, but I've lost the details, so I can't remember. It wasn't astromical, since the only real bad thing is the sugar, which divided by 24 slices in two pound loaves isn't really bad after all.

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